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Nomination Categories

The word Lawyer is given a wider definition than that of a legal practitioner as described in the Legal Practise Act 28/2014 

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Woza Awards 

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WOZA awards presented in recognition of  supporting women lawyers in fostering an inclusive environment for

  1. A women only law firm (0 to 5years in practise);

  2. A Law Firm which comprises of 5 women lawyers or less;

  3. A Law Firm which comprises of 6 women lawyers or more



WOZA awards are presented to an individual woman who displays outstanding
performance in one or more of the categories below:

  1. Best Alternative Dispute Resolution woman lawyer 

  2. Best human rights activist / Social justice activist / pro bono woman lawyer 

  3. Best leadership and mentorship woman lawyer

  4. Best Labour woman lawyer 

  5. Best Family law woman lawyer 

  6. Best Mergers ; Acquisitions/Tax / Finance / Banking woman lawyer 

  7. Best Insolvency / Restructuring /Debt review woman lawyer

  8. Best Energy, Mining/ Resources/ Environmental woman lawyer 

  9. Best woman, thought leader, innovation and academia in law

  10. Best Corporate lawyer practising woman lawyer

  11. Best Corporate lawyer non-practising woman lawyer 

  12. Best Technology woman lawyer

  13. Best woman lawyer in Land Rights /Property/ Conveyancing/ Estates /Trust Administration 

  14. Best woman lawyer in Heritage /Indigenous/ Tourism/ Conservation 

  15. Best woman Student Top Achiever award

  16. Best woman Student Change Maker award

  17. Best woman Candidate Attorney Top Achiever award

  18. Best woman Candidate Attorney Change Maker award


  1. Best woman lawyer in leadership, mentorship and development of women


WOZA awards the WOZA ICON award to a woman lawyer who displays iconic
achievements embracing thought, innovation, leadership, empowerment of other women and contribution to the law.
A woman who is distinguishable from the listed individual categories above, because she exemplifies leadership and is regarded as a trailblazer.